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Systemic change cannot rely on individual acts of courage; it requires the collective to create a safe, inclusive working environment for all

Grapevine empowers individuals in Australia's tech scene by spotlighting personal stories and insights. We provide advice based on lived experience and general legal know-how, to reshape power dynamics for a safer, more inclusive environment.

Committed to upholding anonymity, we ensure that all submissions are handled discreetly and will be generalised before sharing on our platform. Names and identifying traits will be modified to protect the privacy of all individuals and organisations involved. Our advice is of a general nature and should not be considered a substitute for professional consultation. For immediate crisis support, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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"We are building Grapevine not because we believe the tech industry is stuck with these issues, but because we believe it can be so much better."


Grapevine is a bunch of women from the Australian start-up community who got together with a clear shared goal: to keep the conversation alive beyond the initial press coverage, to explore the systematic challenges faced by women and other minorities in the tech space and to push for actionable and meaningful change.
An image of Kirstin Hunter the image is black and white and she is looking at camera
kirstin hunter
I’m doing this so that the women and other underrepresented people in startups can use the whole of their brains to build tech that solves the world's biggest problems instead of wasting their energy dealing with bullshit harassment. Counterintuitively, my wine consumption appears to be inversely proportional to my rage with the patriarchy. On the rare occasion I drink these days I do enjoy a Chardonnay or, dare I say it, an IPA.
An image of Lucy Wark smiling to camera
Work is where we spend most of our lives, and it has a huge impact on our wellbeing. Like making a fine wine, creating good workplaces is the work of many hands - and everyone can do their bit, as a leader, ally, supporter or just a good colleague. I think of myself as a pet-nat, because I like all things bubbly and natural.
An image of Misha Garg smiling to the camera
More wine, less whine. We should celebrate all forms of diversity, and hold each other accountable to creating psychologically safe workplaces for all.

In the spirit of inclusivity, I’d like to champion a hearty kombucha for all the non-drinkers out there.
An Image of Emma Earley in a blazer smiling at camera
Unlike a fine wine, harassment and bias in the startup ecosystem don't get better with age. I’m on a mission to cultivate the best bunch of humans in tech and build a safe and inclusive ecosystem where communities like Grapevine don’t need to exist. Help us to not exist! My go-to grape is French or Australian Chardonnay.
An image of Sam Garven, smiling at the camera
I’m here to create space for those who have felt unheard and unrepresented in the tech ecosystem. To facilitate change through storytelling, education, and accountability. And ultimately, to create a vintage of companies that we can celebrate for redefining representation.
An image of paloma newton who wears glasses smiling at the camera
I'm here to shape an ecosystem where women, like good wines, are celebrated for being complex, nuanced, sophisticated, and thought-provoking, rather than 'difficult' for having opinions. Meanwhile, I'll be enjoying a fine, unconventional orange wine.
An image of Jessy Wu side on smiling at the camera
The etymology of 'courage' is the Latin word 'cour' - meaning heart. I aspire to create courageous discourse; leading with heart, rather than following with rage. I am a mulled wine, rich with Christmas spices
A proefessional photo of Margot Kilgour in a blazer smiling at the camera
Margot kilgour
Some of the best wines are blends of different grapes and sometimes different vineyards. The best and most productive teams are always the most diverse. I believe in trying to make the best wine we possibly can. I have no patience for toxic & sexist behaviour in the workforce. It is particularly important if we want to succeed on the global stage.I do enjoy a full bodied red & a pet nat.

“Our company event had just wrapped up, and he had offered to host drinks at his house for everyone. We had the unlucky fate of sharing an Uber with him...”

“I was early into my career and the only hire in operations. I was by default the most junior and most senior in the department. So
I was nervous and excited about the introduction with the board member”

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